As a brand with big dreams, we’re intent on doing things right


Living to the full and safeguarding our planet’s future is, and always will be, at our core. 

Tag It! 

Hemp Twine- unbleached natural hemp! Pure as the driven snow!! 

Recycled tags- these items do not contribute to global deforestation and can also be continually recycled. Water based Print, zero plastics. 


Made from paper, not plastic. After use add to the compost or add to the recycling !!!!!!! 

Worm Food!! 

Water Based Print 

We use environmentally friendly emulsion, discharge, waterbased and phthalate free inks. 

We love Hemp- 

Hemp is our preferred material with less harmful environmental impact. durable natural fibres. 

Hemp is also considered to be a carbon negative raw material, which means that it absorbs more carbon than it produces. Production of this crop requires very few pesticides, and it does not require any herbicides. Hemp production consumes 50% less water! 

Hemp has a high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light, so even a thin layer of hemp fabric will keep your skin safe. 

Organic baby!!! - 

All our tees are made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. The carbon footprint of the products has been reduced by some 90% and the calculations were certified under the PAS2050 standard by the Carbon Trust ® Produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton. 

Won't lose our bottle!! 

Recycled Polyester- 

Made from recycled bottles. A great way to divert Bottles from landfill! Fewer Co2 emissions than that of new fibres and fewer resources. 


 Save the fucking planet!